Episode 8 is up

Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 8 is now up - This time using Savage Worlds and Solo Libre Role Play - A great session and one I will remember for a long long time!!

Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 7


The Europa – The Promenade Deck  

Research scene

Outside it is fresh and slightly overcast. The waves are gentle rollers and the Europa appears to be making good time across the Atlantic. 
Walking arm in arm, they beginning walking along the side of the ship.

Lady Nancy smiling at Rick: Well Rick, tell me about yourself and no holding back.
Rick: Well alright, let me see I’m 39, Catholic and have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My Dad was a cop too and mum stayed home. Dad retired now. He was tough but everyone at the precinct loved him you know – they still go around and have a few beers with him – That don’t stay for long though as Ma don’t agree with drink and she chases them away – I think she is tougher than him sometimes.
I was born and bred in Queens. Live in Manhattan and I support the Dodgers. That’s a baseball team to you.
Lady Nancy: Ah! That’s the policeman in you all about the facts – where’s the romance! Where’s the danger! Tell me about all that American jazz and vices!

Rick: Vices! Lady I’m not sure I would tell you even if I could. I like Whisky (probably a little too much) and Lucky Strikes. I know a few girls back home but nothing serious.

Lady Nancy: Well how did you get to be a Policeman and how did you stop being a policeman?

Rick: Well when I was young I would get to go to the precinct with dad sometimes, I loved it there, I always wanted to be a cop. I graduated from the Police Academy and was doing well. I had a reputation as honest and incorruptible. I got promoted to a detective working on organised crime.
One evening, my partner got a tip of a deal going down. We went to investigate, We walked round to the back alley and straight into a gunfight, I got shot in shoulder and although partner gave chase the suspects got away.
The guys at the precinct were great but head office said I was no good with a bullet in me and I was invalided out of the service with a small pension.
Not much else to say really except I’m hoping this break will help me get back to A1 and know where I’m going in the future.  How about you? Should I believe everything I read in the society pages

Lady Nancy: oh gosh? Well possibly – So My name is Lady Nancy Gwendoline Maud Victoria Higgins, the oldest daughter of Lord Byron Higgins and Lady Victoria Higgins. My Papa made his money in industry with large govt contracts mostly.
I attended some of the best private schools in England for women and then attended Countess Larne’s finishing school for young ladies of rank in Switzerland. (Although I must say quite a few of those ladies were no ladies what! <haw-haw>
When I was 3 Papa bought me a pony, by 3 ½ I was racing it faster than any other horse in the stable. I always had a thing for speed. Let me see, first I raced horses, then when I was old enough I progressed to cars and then when that was not enough onto flying.
Papa of course does not approve of any of this – which is perhaps another reason I suppose why I do it. He hates my flying the most. He has actually cut me off from my allowance (sort of). His preference would be that I return home, marry Sir Peter Holmes who has been in love with me since we were both seven, settle down and have children like a proper young woman. I cannot imagine anything worse! Well may be being eaten alive by ants in the middle of the jungle, but you know what I mean <haw-haw>. So now, to supplement my income, I do challenges and commissions for newspapers and others interested in what a woman with a plane and a camera can deliver. It’s very exciting and every story always gets to be delivered to Papa as front-page news – it’s delicious <she smiles wickedly>

Rick: You say he has sort of cut you off, surely, he has or he hasn’t

Lady Nancy: Oh well, you see, he wants me home, not killed in some fool aeroplane accident because I’m using cheap parts. Not that I would!! Esmerelda is very precious to me, so he pays for his old chief engineer Moses to maintain her and make all the changes necessary so she is as safe as possible.
Moses is a sweetie, he cares for “E” like a new born babe. I also think he sends Papa reports to let him know I am alright too but I don’t mind. Moses has been like an Uncle to me since I was tiny.

Had she noticed anything odd about Adolph?
D8 6 d6 3 (+2notice) = 8 1 success and 1 raise.

Now let me ask you something my fine Policeman, why has Adolph been trying so hard to be invited on my trip and why do all the German officers on this boat seem to be beholden to him hmmm?

Rick: Well, that’s hard to say Nancy. I confess you've taken me by some surprise!

Had she noticed anything odd about Rick?
D8 1 d6 5 (+2notice) = 8 1 success.

Nancy: Perhaps the same reason you tipped the Steward to sit at our table? <she smiles wickedly into Rick eyes> I had hoped it was because you wanted to meet me, but I think it was more to do with Adolph. Don’t worry, my cousin bats for the other side too it’s all fine with me!

Rick: I err No, err I mean, look I think you are swell, and Adolph, Well err, my mom used to say that people can hide behind the truth and I think that’s Adolph. But look tell me. What do you think of Hitler and his crew – I hear a lot of you rich Europeans think he’s swell?

Nancy: I love Moses, he’s been with us since I can remember – he’s the perfect gentleman and always helping others. He’s Jewish. If I were to believe Herr Hitler, then Moses and his family are to blame for all the worlds ills – utter balderdash as far as I can see and it’s a pretty poor world we live in where people think that’s true!!

Rick pulls them into a quiet nook out of the wind and looks at her closely. Weighing up what to say.
Rick: Look Nancy, I’m not too sure what’s going on for sure but this I do know, Adolph may work where he says he works but I think that means he is high up in the Nazi party somehow. Every German officer here seems to know who he is and both respect and fear him. I also know that when you have mentioned you flight, your plane or anything even remotely connected to Moses, Adolph has been straining to catch every work of it. I think wants something connected to your trip or to Moses although goodness knows what. I also think that Moses might know a little more about things that he might be letting on.

Nancy: Oh gosh and blast, that was exactly the conclusion I had come to too. Do you have any suggestions then Rick on what we should do?

Rick smiles, this dame was really growing on him!

Rick: Well I think it’s always good to get the low down on people. Lets start off with a chat to the Steward and then maybe I might have a look in his room if perhaps you could think of some way to keep him in the bar for a while this evening.
Nancy: <haw-haw> I think you could be trouble Mr Rick and I’m not sure what you are insinuating about occupying him in the bar

Rick rushes to try and explain himself but she cuts him off with a teasing giggle

Nancy: Don’t worry Rick, I’ve had to keep enough suitors at bay to be able to cover my side of your cunning plan!

Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 6


New Scene: The Europa day 2


Research scene

Image result for 1930s luxury liner Europa poster

The next Morning Rick rises, freshens up and heads towards the dining area. He scouts the area to see if the young man, Mrs Fontana or the young lady are around

He scouts the area to see if the young man, Mrs Fontana or the young lady are around? (24): Yes (55%)

who is there? 0-50 all 3 51-75 2 76-100 1 of them = 51 – which 2? 33 split - 82 the young lady is dining

the young lady is dining - is she alone?

? (84): No (50%)

is the young man with her? (8): Exceptional Yes (<10% / 50%)

Rick walks into the main dining area and notices the young woman with the dazzling smile having breakfast with the young man who has been watching her so intently.

does it look anything more than polite? (81): No (50%)

is the young man trying to charm her? (98): Exceptional No (>82% / 90%)

is she trying to charm him? (67): No (55%)

the room is very crowded? (77): Yes (95%)

They appear to be sharing a table out of polite necessity. They are talking but it’s pretty superficial.

Rick tries to manage it so that the steward ushers him to their table

persuasion d6 3 d6 6!5 +2 = 13 = 1 success and 2 raises

Image result for 1930s liners dining room

The waiter shows Rick to the table

"Excuse me Frauline, mein Herr, we are very busy at the moment, would you mind if this gentleman were to join you? - thank you."

 (At this point it was clear that this conversation was going to be important. I didn't want to know what was said before hand so ran through a 2 stage porcess. First I ran a number of preliminary questions and checks on Rick to see what Rick was able to pick up. (These are listed below) I then took each of those possible strands and brainstormed a load of options for each one. Those ideas were given a % and run through the emulator to see which ones turned up. (The brainstorm can be found on a seperate page if you are interested in how that worked) Then I wrote a sentence or two around each one and tried to weave them into a single conversation.)

 [femalename]: Nancy Higgins

is the man German? (69): Yes (95%)

[germanmalename]: Adolph Fischer

Rick makes polite conversation with them whilst they share breakfast?

Streetwise D8 1 D6 6!3 = 9+2 = 11 = 1 success and 1 raise

Both get on well with Rick and a friendship begins to develop between the 3 of them

Does Rick get any interesting info out of either of them?

From Nancy

Streetwise D8 8!6 D6 6!3 = 16 = 1 success and 3 raises

Mythic Event Focus: Action Change Attention

Mythic Event Meaning: Inquire Extravagance

[clueobjects]: Letter

[clueobjects]: Manila file

From Adolph

Streetwise d8 7 D6 4 = 7 +2 = 1 success and 1 raise

Mythic Event Focus: Plot Twist!!! Rustics - The PCs find themselves in a place where people aren't used to heroes or strange powers.

Mythic Event Meaning: Develop Pilot

Rick watches the 2 closely for any unusual signs whilst they chat

Notice D8 7 D6 6!6!4 = 18 = 1 success and 3 raises

[clueobjects]: fingerprint

Notice d8 7 d6 6!6!1 = 15 = 1 success and 2 raises

[clueobjects]: Magazine

[clueobjects]: Scroll

The Conversation

Adolph (standing to greet Rick shaking his hand): Guten Morgen, my name is Adolph Fischer

Nancy (remains seated): Good morning I am Nancy Higgins.

Adolph gently intervenes, looking at her

Adolph: I think you are too polite, most people know her as Lady Nancy Higgins the famous aviatrix yes?  you have heard of her yes? He says looking intently at Rick

Rick: Well of course, an honour to meet you. I’m Richard O’Shea - recently retired from the New York Police Department. Call me Rick though.

Both men sit down.

Adolph (innocently): Excuse me for asking Herr Rick, are you not a little young to retire?

Rick: Believe me, it was not through choice. I was shot in the line of duty and had to leave the force. I am taking the opportunity of my enforced leisure to visit Europe. My doctor has advised that some hill walking would be good rehabilitation so I am heading to Munich to put that to the test.

Nancy: How wonderful, I am heading to Munich as well, and Herr Fischer here has just advised me that he is going there too!

Adolph: It is true, we all appear to be going the same way, how wonderful!

Adolph: Lady Nancy, we follow your adventures in the papers most earnestly, can you say what your next challenge will be?

Nancy: yes of course - I am on my way to Munich to pick up my plane. It has been having some modifications made to it before my next flight and I have heard from Moses my engineer that it is nearly ready. I will need to do some test flights before I take on my next challenge but I hope to be on my way soon

Adolph: Are we allowed to know where you are hoping to fly to next Lady Nancy?

Nancy. I’m flying to the Himalayas. I have been asked to fly over Mount Everest and photograph it. However, that is not easy given the weather and cold so I have had to have special heating units designed for the engine to enable it to function correctly.

Adolph: I do not know if you are familiar Lady Nancy, but Germany has sent many archaeological expeditions to the Himalayas in recent years. We think there are many connections between our two civilisations in ancient times.

But, I should warn you. It is a most inhospitable and dangerous place. I have just published about it in our German National Magazine.

Rick: Are you a journalist Herr Fischer?

Adolph: Oh no, I am a researcher on Germany's ancient legends. We have had many of our expeditions to Lhasa become lost with no word. The perils are many - The weather changes in a heartbeat, one minute sunny and beautiful, the next high winds and snowstorms. The anger of the mountain gods the locals say.  The Locals appear friendly in the cities but in the wilds, they are suspicious of outsiders and the machines we have.

Nancy: Really? - Why are they afraid of modern machines?

Adolph: They have many fears. They are worried that the noise of our machines may anger the gods of the mountains and cause the snow to come down the mountain. It is not unreasonable, we know that loud noises can set off avalanches.

They also worry that the noise will wake the yeti – you have heard of the yeti yes? a large ape man that lives in the mountains. They say you can hear his call on the winds that howl through the mountains

Even more strangely, They fear our flying machines will stop their monks from being able to fly.

Rick: I’m sorry, their monks can fly?

Adolph: Well no one from the west has confirmed this, but there are stories of Western explorers who have gone in to the depths of the Himalayas in disguise and have visited the great monasteries and witnessed some of the monks be able to fly several feet off the ground. 

Nancy: My gosh, that would be amazing if it were true – it would certainly make it easy for me ha-ha!!

Adolph: Indeed, think what uses it could be put to. We could all reach the top shelf now, yes? And finally, they are afraid we will use our machines to find Shangri-La. Have you heard of this place yes?  

It is said that in a remote mountain monastery, there is a scroll that reveals the entrance to the legendary land of Shangri-La. Shangri-La or Shambhala, is a core concept in Tibetan Buddhism. It describes a realm of harmony between man and nature that is also connected with the Kalachakra or "wheel of time". It is described in detail in the Shambhala Sutra, a historical text written by the Sixth Panchen Lama. It says the entrance to Shambhala is in the west of Tibet, near the mountain of  Ana-Amarinpoche – which means “Goddess mothers finger in the snow”. Only no one knows or has heard of this mountain. It is said that the people of Shangri-La are without disease and are almost immortal. 

This Lady Nancy, is the land to which you head. A place I have often studied. One of mystery, legend, isolation and cold. I confess, I am rather jealous that you will get to see these things that the rest of us have only read about in books.

[shipincident]: you witness a man being physically abusive to one of the staff

is it Adolph who is abusive? (68): Yes (75%)

By this time the breakfast has been completed and the waiter returns with the coffee. Unfortunately, the ship heaves a little to one side and the waiter spills hot coffee into the lap of Adolph. He leaps up in pain and scolds the waiter in a loud voice, slapping him across the face. The whole salon quietens. Adolph looks slightly sheepish as he looks around the salon, he apologises and sits down wiping his lap with his napkin.

Adolph: I am sorry, that coffee was very hot and I think the waiter did it deliberately.

Still feeling uncomfortable he makes his excuses and leaves the table still dabbing at his lap.

Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 5

Just a couple of thoughts before the next part. I noticed that in the last entry it was quite brief and yet the actual play of it took some time. For me I think, this is due to having to write down everything whilst doing it. It ensures no kind of meta gaming or cheating - if its written I can't go back on it to make things fit. It forces the story off into ok places I might not think it was going. Everything though is definately slower than if playing with others. This was also highlighted to me by watchiing critical role with Matt Mercer. They get through so much in a session. One thing I have taken from him  though is to start using music and atmosphere to help me feel embeded in the scene. I have been using this site http://tabletopaudio.com/ which has some great sounds for different genres and free. (example for these ship board scenes I have either been using the airship sound or the 20s speakeasy for the evening bar scene. I would really recommend doing this. 


New Scene:

Aboard the Europa – First evening

Walk scene


Image result for 1930s luxury liner Europa

Rick is directed to his berth by the purser – a medium sized room with a small double bed and a porthole looking out onto the water on the other side of the dock. Its comfortable and well appointed.

A little while later a knock on the door and his luggage is delivered. A quick check of his suitcase shows that it has not been searched whilst away from him.  A surprise but at least a positive indication that he was not under any direct suspicion yet.

2 hours later, the Europa slips its moorings and heads out of the docks. Everyone is on deck to watch the Statue of Liberty disappear slowly into the distance.

Rick decides that he will try and find out a little about the guests – especially the 3 people who caught his eye at the embarkation shed.

He heads to the reception desk.

StreetwiseD8(3) D6(3) = no success

But finds nothing. Perhaps something might turn up in the evening at dinner or afterwards at the bar.

Ship event check

At 7pm Rick goes to the Restaurant for dinner and sits quietly sharing the table with a couple from Ohio going to Europe for the first time. It’s a quiet meal.

Does Rick sit next to any of the 3 at dinner? (64): No (50%)

Does he see any of them there? (74): No (65%)

Afterwards in the bar, Rick orders a whiskey and turns to survey the room and he sees all 3 around the bar.

Image result for 1930s liner bar

do they approach him? (67): No (65%)

Are they all there? (46): Yes (50%)

is she alone? (92): Exceptional No (>90% / 50%)

Not wishing to raise the suspicions of the young man who seemed to be in with the security services of the boat, Rick chooses the middle-aged woman to approach. The bar is busy so it’s not strange that he should ask if she minded sharing her table.

It appears that she has already found a beau for a ship board romance and is already laughing loudly whilst drinking from her champagne glass. Her companion is a middle-aged gentleman wearing an impeccable tux, smoking a cigar and ordering another bottle of champagne – they are both laughing loudly and having a party all of their own.

Rick “Mind if I sit down, I’m afraid everywhere else is taken?”

The man looks around, at first slightly put out about a younger man possibly trying to move in on his action. The couple continue to party together whilst ignoring Rick.

Rick listens to their conversation and then politely “I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Rick O’Shea”

They break off from their mutual appreciation

D8(4) D6(5) = 1 success

The lady introduces herself as Paloma Fontana and the man as Nicolao Rossi

Rick does not recognise either name.

Listening to their small talk he gathers that he is a rich business man and she a widow. Rick tries to make out if there is anything in the widow’s admiration in Hitler

D8(8!4) D6(3) = 1 success and 2 raises

There is definitely something to her enthusiasm. Sprinkled throughout her conversation she makes subtle reference to the improvements she thinks the Nazis are making to Germany. The business man seems to be in convinced of her arguments too.

is she being too enthusiastic - like she’s trying to get noticed for how pro German she is? (16): Exceptional Yes (<17% / 85%)

So then she is likely an American spy trying to get into the German authorities confidence - possibly to work as a double agent - others would not notice but to Rick there is the slightest flinch when she is saying Hitler’s name - she might even be Jewish herself?

is she Jewish? (76): No (55%)

maybe not
Related image
Rick takes the time to look around the bar. Everyone’s having a nice time. The band are playing. People dancing. Rick watches the young man who appeared to have a connection with the Security people at the customs house.

Does Rick notice anything?

Notice D8 7 D6 6 +2 = 9 = 1 success and 1 raise


Mythic Event Meaning: Procrastinate Powerful Adversary

He appears to be watching someone intently-

is he watching Rick? (60): No (55%)

Is he watching the young girl? (41): Yes (75%)

He is watching her every subtle movement, her every glance, and not in a good way. 

Are there any German officers in the bar as passengers? (12): Exceptional Yes (<18% / 90%)

Is there some very high ranking German officers travelling? (49): Yes (90%)

Does our young man appear to know them? (43): Yes (95%)

Do these officers appear to be beholden to the young man? (66): Yes (95%)

Whoever he is, he is indeed a powerful adversary

what’s the young girl doing?

Mythic Event Meaning: Smuggle Delightful A project

She is radiant. Her smile is lighting up the room, She could steal Ricks heart if he was not careful.

Does she cast any glances at the young man watching her so intently?

Notice D8 5 D6 2 +2 = 7 =1 success

is she quietly ever looking in the young mans direction? (100): Exceptional No (>85% / 75%)

She is oblivious to him and the possible danger she might be in.

is she ever looking in Ricks direction?

Notice D8 4 D6 2 +2 = 1 success

is she quietly ever looking in Ricks direction? (50): Yes (75%)

Next time she looks over, Rick flashes her his best New York PI smile - it has a hint of sex and a hint of danger!

Persuasion D6 4 D6 4 +2 = 6 = 1 success NPC reaction goes to Neutral.

She smiles back - it’s a killer smile

Does she do anything else? (94): Exceptional No (>85% / 75%)

But then she turns back to her drink and the moment is gone.

Rick glances at the young man. Did he notice the smile? (33): Yes (75%)

Does the young man see Rick looking at him looking at Rick? (86): Exceptional No (>85% / 75%)

Does anything else happen in the bar that evening? (16): Yes (75%)

Mythic Event Focus: Move away from a thread Freedom Threatened

Mythic Event Meaning: Gracefully Trick Important Money

Does Paloma Fontana try something on her man? (74): No (50%)

is Nicolao Rossi trying to do some confidence scheme? (23): Yes (75%)

Rick slowly draws his attention away from the beauty of the young woman and the voice of Nicolao begins to come back into his consciousness - he is explaining to Paloma about a fantastic business deal he is involved with. The more he describes it the more it sounds like a con - the question is - is Nicolao the victim or the perpetrator?

 It seems that in the morning it would be worth finding out

1) about the young man and why he has so much authority

2) about whether Nicolao is the victim or trying to con Paloma

3) anything at all about that fabulous smile

In the meantime, Rick makes his way back to his cabin.

He checks his case to see if it has been opened whilst he was out of the room.? (25): Yes (50%).

Did they spot the false compartment? (22): No (15%)

Well that’s ok. Hopefully Ricks passed all the tests now for just being an ordinary passenger.


Walk scene success

OP – 0 PP – 1 SP – 3

Gain a Bennie (=2 Bennies)

Chaos 7


Lando Ricci

Moses Baron


Thule Gesellschaft

Deliver Letter

Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 4

After a bit of a hiatus, we get back on board with the story of Rick O'Shea. Unfortunately, summer, and trying to organise and buy land, choose builders and design plans, choose sinks,doors,floors,carpets paint plants etc for a new house has taken up an inordinate amount of time. Anyway to business.

This sytem continues to use the emulator from Mike Overbo. Some may have noticed that he commented in the last post around how to change the emulator to address the chaos factor which was great.

Act 2


New Scene:

Embarkation Sheds: New York

Walk scene


Rick makes his way through the docks to the loading area for the Europa. The docks are full of bustle as sailors try and load everything aboard, passengers and family well-wishers intermingle. The sound of shouting and noise fills the air, sirens and hooters sound out across the water and underneath it all the constant sound of the water lapping against the dockside.

Rick enters the shed marked customs and queues ready to present his suitcase for inspection. He views the different queues and tries to ascertain which Customs officer seems least engaged in their duties.

Notice Check D8(6)D6(5) =6  1 success

He notices one who seems slightly less vigilant and steps into the line. Whilst in the line he looks round at the other passengers and crew who are milling round.

Notice Check D8(5)D6(6!6!3) = 15 success with 2 raises and spots 3 people of interest.

As Rick casually looks around 3 passengers catch his eye

A young man in his 20s. He is looking at those passengers around him more intently than usual. Then out of the corner of his eye, Rick notices that the man makes contact with one of the men watching over proceedings and with the slightest gesture indicates one of the other passengers. Later the passenger is led away for a more intensive inspection of their luggage.

Mythic Event Focus: Move away from a thread Security

A middle-aged woman in her 50s is talking quite loudly to those around her who will listen. She speaks with a strong southern accent. She is talking to her neighbour about how Herr Hitler seems to be doing so much for his country. “I’m sure he is much nicer than what some of our papers are saying!”

A young woman in her twenties is in front of Rick – her perfume smells fantastic – just the right mix of expensive and dangerous. She is looking around her – taking everything in – In doing so she notices Rick and smiles – “Hello”

Mythic Event Focus: PC Positive

Rick tries to trade some small talk


Attitude drops 2 levels to uncooperative – whatever it was he said – she really didn’t like it.

Rick gets to the head of the queue and hands his luggage over along with his forms, tickets and passport. He then tries to subtly draw the officer’s eyes away from the suitcase to his knapsack with his climbing equipment. However, it fails and he is all over the suitcase like a rash.

D(8)1 D6(2)

He tries to persuade the officer that everything is in order

D(6)4 D6(5) = 1 Success

And he gets through but it was not as easy as he had hoped – let’s hope it’s easier getting into Germany.

His bags are whisked awayRelated image by the crew and he makes his way to the gang plank and onto the Ship.

Walk scene success

OP – 0 PP – 1 SP – 2

Gain a Bennie

Chaos 7

Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 3

Continuing the latest story of Rick O'Shea using Mike Overbo's Mythic emulator from Lone Wolf Roleplaying

I use Savage Worlds rules along with the Thrilling Tales SW add on. I use a number of random lists developed over the years to give outcomes and Mikes emulator is great for these. Savage World uses bennies which the GM distributes. Instead, I always throw an additional d6 along with the action die and wild card die with a 6 being receive one bennie - this die can explode like the other dice.

In using Mikes emulator, this time I noticed that the Chaos factor is not recognised in the Mythic odds if you change the chaos level manually. As long as you use the new scene button to go up and down though its fine.

Last time, I mentioned that it would be great to be able to adjust the event scene and meaning list. I have now done this myself for my own use thanks to a quick down load of coffeecup html editor. Its been 18 years since I last looked at html so that was an interesting throw back. However, the top and bottom of that is that I have now been able to edit the Mythic event chart to a pulp slant This has 1-35 as action event 36 - 50 as plot twist and then the others as normal. I have also changed the word list slightly so that the results are slightly less ambiguous ( I am afraid I am quite concrete at times so this was a personal preference) I have also added a plot twist list taken from the Covetous Poet superhero hooks, a complications list taken from the same and a possible clue list taken from the main Covetous Poet book. These are then linked into the event focus list to automatically show when called.

Plot twist list is linked to plot twist event (obviously)
The complications list is linked to the move away from thread event
The possible clue list is linked to the move towards thread event


Mythic Event Focus: Plot Twist!!! Why You Two Look Just Alike! - Confusion occurs due to a character close resemblance to someone they're not.

Mythic Event Focus: Action Anxiously Take Benefits

Mythic Event Focus: Action Pursue Energy

Mythic Event Focus: NPC Negative

Mythic Event Focus: Action Lazily Judge Investment

Mythic Event Focus: Action Develop Juvenile Lies

Mythic Event Focus: Move away from a thread False Accusations

Mythic Event Focus: Action Daintily Move Feminine Woman

Mythic Event Focus: Action Assist Reassuring Dreams

Mythic Event Focus: Move towards a thread - possible Blackmail

Mythic Event Focus: Move towards a thread - possible Spotted Villain

Mythic Event Focus: Action Take Suffering

Mythic Event Focus: Action Work hard Attention

Mythic Event Focus: Plot Twist!!! Let's Beat It! - Characters decide that getting out of here is the only way to survive the situation.

It took a wee while to get these running smoothly but now they do and I am really happy with how they work.

So to business:

Sessions 3

Its April 1935 - When we left Rick he had just been recruited to deliver a letter to someone in Munich. He has a ticket on the Europa leaving New York in 5 days time for Hamburg. He was using the time between to do some research on what was happening in Germany and to get prepared prior to boarding.


New Scene: Walk scene covering seeing German embassy, suitcase maker, department store, baseball game, book store, The alibi bar


First stop is the German Consulate to have all the relevant visas stamped. This is a bureaucratic maze but Ricks investigation skill helps with all the form filling - after all no one does form filling like the NYPD.

There are 3 different forms he has to complete to get the visa. Failures raise the general suspicion level on Rick by German Authorities.

Form 1

Investigation: 1d8 8x!4 wc 2 (nb) = success with 2 raises (however suspicion is still at 0 so no change)

Form 1 receives its official stamp

Form 2

Investigation: 1d8 1 wc 2 (nb) = fails

Suspicion level raises by 1 making it more difficult to complete the form TN now 5 

Form 2

Investigation:1d8 8x!3 wc 2 (nb) = success with 1 raise - suspicion drops to 0 again and 3 hours have passed.

Form 2 receives its official stamp

Form 3

Investigation: 1d8 3 wc 2 (nb) = fails

Suspicion level rises to 1 and TN now 5

Form 3

Investigation: 1d8 2 wc 6x!1 (nb) = success with no raises

Form 3 receives its official stamp but German suspicion of Rick has been raised

$5 has also been sent on admin charges

5 hours have passed since Rick entered the Embassy so he heads home for the evening

Next Day

Rick heads to

[malename]: Ferdinand Moretta's

Suitcase emporium 

Ferdinand is well known in certain circles for "special suitcases"

Ferdinand’s shop is in the heart of little Italy down a small side road. The doorbell clangs as Rick walks in.

Mr Morreta is neutral towards Rick.

Hello Mr Morreta, my names Rick.

Does Moretta know Rick? (63): No (undefined%)

Good day sir - how may I help?

Well see Mr Moretta. You're quite well known around here- your skills are really appreciated - you make the nicest bags and cases is what they say.

Persuasion: 1d6 5 wc 1 (1b) x!1 = 1 success

Moretta: Thankyou sir - we try to please - we import directly from Milan you know.

Rick: Well it's funny you should mention that because I am particularly interested in those bags that are good for importing

Persuasion: 1d6 3 wc 1 (nb) = fails

Morreta: I'm sorry sir I do not know what you are talking about.

Morreta starts to look a little nervous

Rick: Yeah sure you do - those bags that can get through customs without being searched too much - I'll pay top dollar for one of those if you have one!

Persuasion: 1d6 6x!1 wc 6x!4 (nb) = 1 success with 1 raise

3 successes overall so with the mention of top dollar the resistance of Mr Morreta crumbled and he shows Rick into the back room. He produces his infamous "special case" which has a false area near the handle on the outside of the case which can hide a small gun and other small papers or objects.
"You see Rick - when you go through customs they ask you to open the bag and are looking for false bottoms or sides etc inside, but this case has none so you are all good."

Rick:Thanks Mr Moretta - How much?

Morreta: $5 please - you see - a luxury item

Rick: Thanks I just hope it works

Next Rick heads to Lacy's Department store

and picks up:

A new suit $20

Leather Jacket $20

Walking boots $10

Flashlight $1 10” Beam

rubber soled shoes $2

Black wool sweater $2

50' light rope $2

1 box of .38 ammunition (30 bullets) $1

Dark grey overcoat $11

Tweed walking trousers $6

Compass $1

medicine kit $10

Grappling hook $2

Leather backpack $6

Winter Bedroll $3

Camara $5

Hip Flask $1


carton of Camel fags $1

billy can $1.25

binoculars x6 $14

Cig Lighter .75

Hat $2.50

Next day
Up to the Polo Fields for the Giants game to meet Eddie(Connection edge)

Streetwise: 1d8 3 wc 1 (nb) = fails  spends a bennie

Streetwise: 1d8 3 wc 3 (nb) = fails  spends a bennie

Streetwise: 1d8 7 wc 2 (nb) = 1 success

The crowd is busy and no sign of Eddie - the game starts still no sign. Suddenly he comes running down the road paper in hand out of breath

Eddie: Hey Rick sorry I'm so late - I just couldn't get away - you know how it is.
They go in and watch the game

Rick: Hey Eddie - you get any luck on that name I gave you?

Persuasion: 1d6 6!2 wc 4 (nb) =2 successes

Eddie: Yeah sure - what you wanna know?

Is Lando who he says he is? (78): Yes (85%)

Does he work for the US Government? (19): Yes (65%)

(2 successess gives 2 questions)

Rick: Thanks Eddie - That’s good to know

The men depart after the game in a good mood - the Giants won 3-1

Next Day

Rick goes across the road to the bookstore and buys

Munich Tourist Guide book with Map of Munich

Tourist guide to Germany with map and map of rail networks

Final Day

Rick heads to the Alibi bar. Her spends some time tidying his office. Sorting papers and writing letters.

He heads over to Bud and pays Bud 2 months rent in advance

Rick: Bud - I’ve gotta go abroad for a while. This should cover the rent till I'm back. If I'm not back by the time the next rents due will you post these 2 letters?

Bud: Sure Rick no problem

Then Rick takes a whiskey and heads to his favourite table and thinks about the journey ahead.

Why did Lando need to advertise if he worked for the government?

Would the boat have spies on it?

Would the German authorities find his secret compartment?

Did Moses even exist?

Would Rick return from this jaunt?

End of Act 1

Walk scene success

OP – 0 PP – 1 SP - 1

End of Session

This was very much a low key session of preparation both from Ricks point of view but also from a player point of view.
Personally I needed to try and put some bones on why Lando would get a stranger through the paper to do this mission and I think I have a few more reasons why he might do that now.
Rick needed to get together all the equipment he thinks he might need as trying to get this stuff in Germany might be tricky. He's gone for a combo of black clothing for stealth and climbing hiking equipment in case he has to go into the mountains.
The idea of Rick heading off to Munich with no gun did not appeal but how the hell would he get one there without being detected. So he need to smuggle one in.
Finally, the reason for the detailed breakdown of the equipment and price is because I am trying to put together a fairly comprehensive equipment cost list with 1935 prices so this is happening with the help of the savage worlds price list the dirty 30's price list and an online Sears catalogue
And as a final aside on the April day in question - the Giants really did beat Boston 3-1 - That picture of babe Ruth though was taken at the Polo grounds the day before - Tuesday April 23!