Rick O'Shea and the Munich Mystery Episode 3

Continuing the latest story of Rick O'Shea using Mike Overbo's Mythic emulator from Lone Wolf Roleplaying

I use Savage Worlds rules along with the Thrilling Tales SW add on. I use a number of random lists developed over the years to give outcomes and Mikes emulator is great for these. Savage World uses bennies which the GM distributes. Instead, I always throw an additional d6 along with the action die and wild card die with a 6 being receive one bennie - this die can explode like the other dice.

In using Mikes emulator, this time I noticed that the Chaos factor is not recognised in the Mythic odds if you change the chaos level manually. As long as you use the new scene button to go up and down though its fine.

Last time, I mentioned that it would be great to be able to adjust the event scene and meaning list. I have now done this myself for my own use thanks to a quick down load of coffeecup html editor. Its been 18 years since I last looked at html so that was an interesting throw back. However, the top and bottom of that is that I have now been able to edit the Mythic event chart to a pulp slant This has 1-35 as action event 36 - 50 as plot twist and then the others as normal. I have also changed the word list slightly so that the results are slightly less ambiguous ( I am afraid I am quite concrete at times so this was a personal preference) I have also added a plot twist list taken from the Covetous Poet superhero hooks, a complications list taken from the same and a possible clue list taken from the main Covetous Poet book. These are then linked into the event focus list to automatically show when called.

Plot twist list is linked to plot twist event (obviously)
The complications list is linked to the move away from thread event
The possible clue list is linked to the move towards thread event


Mythic Event Focus: Plot Twist!!! Why You Two Look Just Alike! - Confusion occurs due to a character close resemblance to someone they're not.

Mythic Event Focus: Action Anxiously Take Benefits

Mythic Event Focus: Action Pursue Energy

Mythic Event Focus: NPC Negative

Mythic Event Focus: Action Lazily Judge Investment

Mythic Event Focus: Action Develop Juvenile Lies

Mythic Event Focus: Move away from a thread False Accusations

Mythic Event Focus: Action Daintily Move Feminine Woman

Mythic Event Focus: Action Assist Reassuring Dreams

Mythic Event Focus: Move towards a thread - possible Blackmail

Mythic Event Focus: Move towards a thread - possible Spotted Villain

Mythic Event Focus: Action Take Suffering

Mythic Event Focus: Action Work hard Attention

Mythic Event Focus: Plot Twist!!! Let's Beat It! - Characters decide that getting out of here is the only way to survive the situation.

It took a wee while to get these running smoothly but now they do and I am really happy with how they work.

So to business:

Sessions 3

Its April 1935 - When we left Rick he had just been recruited to deliver a letter to someone in Munich. He has a ticket on the Europa leaving New York in 5 days time for Hamburg. He was using the time between to do some research on what was happening in Germany and to get prepared prior to boarding.


New Scene: Walk scene covering seeing German embassy, suitcase maker, department store, baseball game, book store, The alibi bar


First stop is the German Consulate to have all the relevant visas stamped. This is a bureaucratic maze but Ricks investigation skill helps with all the form filling - after all no one does form filling like the NYPD.

There are 3 different forms he has to complete to get the visa. Failures raise the general suspicion level on Rick by German Authorities.

Form 1

Investigation: 1d8 8x!4 wc 2 (nb) = success with 2 raises (however suspicion is still at 0 so no change)

Form 1 receives its official stamp

Form 2

Investigation: 1d8 1 wc 2 (nb) = fails

Suspicion level raises by 1 making it more difficult to complete the form TN now 5 

Form 2

Investigation:1d8 8x!3 wc 2 (nb) = success with 1 raise - suspicion drops to 0 again and 3 hours have passed.

Form 2 receives its official stamp

Form 3

Investigation: 1d8 3 wc 2 (nb) = fails

Suspicion level rises to 1 and TN now 5

Form 3

Investigation: 1d8 2 wc 6x!1 (nb) = success with no raises

Form 3 receives its official stamp but German suspicion of Rick has been raised

$5 has also been sent on admin charges

5 hours have passed since Rick entered the Embassy so he heads home for the evening

Next Day

Rick heads to

[malename]: Ferdinand Moretta's

Suitcase emporium 

Ferdinand is well known in certain circles for "special suitcases"

Ferdinand’s shop is in the heart of little Italy down a small side road. The doorbell clangs as Rick walks in.

Mr Morreta is neutral towards Rick.

Hello Mr Morreta, my names Rick.

Does Moretta know Rick? (63): No (undefined%)

Good day sir - how may I help?

Well see Mr Moretta. You're quite well known around here- your skills are really appreciated - you make the nicest bags and cases is what they say.

Persuasion: 1d6 5 wc 1 (1b) x!1 = 1 success

Moretta: Thankyou sir - we try to please - we import directly from Milan you know.

Rick: Well it's funny you should mention that because I am particularly interested in those bags that are good for importing

Persuasion: 1d6 3 wc 1 (nb) = fails

Morreta: I'm sorry sir I do not know what you are talking about.

Morreta starts to look a little nervous

Rick: Yeah sure you do - those bags that can get through customs without being searched too much - I'll pay top dollar for one of those if you have one!

Persuasion: 1d6 6x!1 wc 6x!4 (nb) = 1 success with 1 raise

3 successes overall so with the mention of top dollar the resistance of Mr Morreta crumbled and he shows Rick into the back room. He produces his infamous "special case" which has a false area near the handle on the outside of the case which can hide a small gun and other small papers or objects.
"You see Rick - when you go through customs they ask you to open the bag and are looking for false bottoms or sides etc inside, but this case has none so you are all good."

Rick:Thanks Mr Moretta - How much?

Morreta: $5 please - you see - a luxury item

Rick: Thanks I just hope it works

Next Rick heads to Lacy's Department store

and picks up:

A new suit $20

Leather Jacket $20

Walking boots $10

Flashlight $1 10” Beam

rubber soled shoes $2

Black wool sweater $2

50' light rope $2

1 box of .38 ammunition (30 bullets) $1

Dark grey overcoat $11

Tweed walking trousers $6

Compass $1

medicine kit $10

Grappling hook $2

Leather backpack $6

Winter Bedroll $3

Camara $5

Hip Flask $1


carton of Camel fags $1

billy can $1.25

binoculars x6 $14

Cig Lighter .75

Hat $2.50

Next day
Up to the Polo Fields for the Giants game to meet Eddie(Connection edge)

Streetwise: 1d8 3 wc 1 (nb) = fails  spends a bennie

Streetwise: 1d8 3 wc 3 (nb) = fails  spends a bennie

Streetwise: 1d8 7 wc 2 (nb) = 1 success

The crowd is busy and no sign of Eddie - the game starts still no sign. Suddenly he comes running down the road paper in hand out of breath

Eddie: Hey Rick sorry I'm so late - I just couldn't get away - you know how it is.
They go in and watch the game

Rick: Hey Eddie - you get any luck on that name I gave you?

Persuasion: 1d6 6!2 wc 4 (nb) =2 successes

Eddie: Yeah sure - what you wanna know?

Is Lando who he says he is? (78): Yes (85%)

Does he work for the US Government? (19): Yes (65%)

(2 successess gives 2 questions)

Rick: Thanks Eddie - That’s good to know

The men depart after the game in a good mood - the Giants won 3-1

Next Day

Rick goes across the road to the bookstore and buys

Munich Tourist Guide book with Map of Munich

Tourist guide to Germany with map and map of rail networks

Final Day

Rick heads to the Alibi bar. Her spends some time tidying his office. Sorting papers and writing letters.

He heads over to Bud and pays Bud 2 months rent in advance

Rick: Bud - I’ve gotta go abroad for a while. This should cover the rent till I'm back. If I'm not back by the time the next rents due will you post these 2 letters?

Bud: Sure Rick no problem

Then Rick takes a whiskey and heads to his favourite table and thinks about the journey ahead.

Why did Lando need to advertise if he worked for the government?

Would the boat have spies on it?

Would the German authorities find his secret compartment?

Did Moses even exist?

Would Rick return from this jaunt?

End of Act 1

Walk scene success

OP – 0 PP – 1 SP - 1

End of Session

This was very much a low key session of preparation both from Ricks point of view but also from a player point of view.
Personally I needed to try and put some bones on why Lando would get a stranger through the paper to do this mission and I think I have a few more reasons why he might do that now.
Rick needed to get together all the equipment he thinks he might need as trying to get this stuff in Germany might be tricky. He's gone for a combo of black clothing for stealth and climbing hiking equipment in case he has to go into the mountains.
The idea of Rick heading off to Munich with no gun did not appeal but how the hell would he get one there without being detected. So he need to smuggle one in.
Finally, the reason for the detailed breakdown of the equipment and price is because I am trying to put together a fairly comprehensive equipment cost list with 1935 prices so this is happening with the help of the savage worlds price list the dirty 30's price list and an online Sears catalogue
And as a final aside on the April day in question - the Giants really did beat Boston 3-1 - That picture of babe Ruth though was taken at the Polo grounds the day before - Tuesday April 23!


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